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Wildfire Yoga Review – Neghar Fonooni Program

In this Wildfire Yoga review, you will discover relevant information that would hopefully help you to make an informed decision on this Yoga program by Neghar Fonooni. The article provides the key information on the Wildfire Yoga program to help you learn what the product is about.

What Is It?

Wildfire Yoga is a new Yoga program put together by fitness trainer Neghar Fonooni and it is aimed at people who want to gain the multiple benefits of Yoga without committing too much time to doing Yoga.

This program introduces a new, innovative type of yoga that is short, accessible, and non-intimidating. The program is thought in videos with a series of very short yoga flows, to be done every day for 21 days. It also includes a 31-page guidebook to help you get the most out of the program plus some prompts for journaling after your flows.

Wildfire Yoga is suitable for people of all genders, ages, races and demographics who want to do yoga but doesn’t have the time or doesn’t feel comfortable in a yoga studio.

Quick Review Of The Wildfire Yoga Program

It is known that yoga has a lot of benefits to offer your body and mind. But the reason why most people who want to do yoga don’t do it is the length of time it requires. So I’m always happy when someone decides to use their innovative skills to help make things better for people who want to use it.

Neghar Fonooni

In the same way that we want methods that reduce the length of time we spend doing cardio, weight training or dieting to get results, we also want a program that cuts the length of time we would spend doing yoga.

Wildfire Yoga Program Details

The product is entirely digital. It doesn’t include any physical items. The system contains PDF eBooks and demonstration videos. You will have access to a membership site so that you don’t have to download all the videos, but rather can stream them anytime you like.

You can download them should you choose, but it’s not required. You have lifetime access to this portal and the program. The program starts whenever you click on that first video. Essentially, the eBooks talk about what has to be carried out while the video tutorials illustrate how to do them.

The program structure

First of all, consumers that use Wildfire Yoga will know that this program is not based the typical guidelines for practicing Yoga.

Neghar Fonooni did a great job of developing a yoga program that does not require hours and hours of performing yoga, yet you’ll reap enormous benefits from the short flows. Also, Wildfire was created for total beginners or those with very limited experience. That’s why you won’t hear any Sanskrit terms or see any complicated poses.

If you’ve never done yoga, or taken a few yoga classes but don’t consider yourself a “yogi,” this program is for you.


Overall, I am extremely impressed by Neghar Fonooni’s Wildfire Yoga program. It is not just another generic Yoga course. It is a different program that is designed for efficiency while helping individuals gain maximum results from yoga. Highly recommended.