Ultimate Progressive Overload Training Manual Review – Tom Venuto EBook

“Ultimate Progressive Overload Training Manual for body building and physique transformation” by Tom Venuto is a good eBook for anybody who wants to build muscle. This review will provide the key information about it.

progressive overload training manual

What Is The eBook About?

Tom venuto’s “Ultimate Progressive Overload Training manual for body building and physique transformation” is an in-depth, complete, and definitive eBook guide on progressive overload – the key training principle for muscle building. This program is likely the most comprehensive cousrse ever created on the subject, including information never released in any other fitness course.

The program allows you to discover the training and muscle building power of progressive overload from a certified fitness trainer and former champion bodybuilder.

As an owner of this eBook program, you’ll have the knowledge and skills required to effectively achieve progressive overload in any kind of weight training at home or at the gym, and help anyone who seeks your help.

This course gives professional fitness trainers, and trainees of all levels an opportunity to learn every system and technique and even more about the master key to gaining muscle.

Is Ultimate Progressive Overload Training Manual Worth It?

If you know anything about building muscle, you already know that progressive overload is the king of training principles – it’s the master key to unlock muscle growth that every training program must incoperate. But although we all know the importance of progressive overload, most of us do not have indepth knowledge about, valuable knowledge that could give us great advantage in gaining muscle effectively and fast.

“Ultimate Progressive Overload Training manual for body building and physique transformation” is the only book ever published exclusively on the subject for anyone who wants to learn everything about it. It’s part of Tom venuto’s Ultimate Training Series of books. The eBook is very cheap at just $10.00 so price is not an issue at all. It’s short and concise so you can read it in two or three hours and learn what it teaches.

With what you’ll learned in the book, you can start at your very next workout and put these systems and techniques into practice to get better results.

What You’ll Learn From The Book

In this Tom Venuto new muscle building manual, you’ll discover:

  • Progressive Overload basics – and why it’s crucial to understand and use this technique at every workout
  • The 8 major progressive overload systems for muscle building and physique transformation
  • 7 Ways to overload your muscles and make gains without training heavy or increasing the weight
  • How to achieve continuous muscle gains, no matter how old you are (growth secrets you can use at 40, 50 60 and even beyond)
  • Techniques for progression and guaranteed muscle gains, even if you have an injury, tendinitis or chronic joint pain
  • 6 insider tips for mindset and real world application of the scientific training principles

You’ll also learn how to overcome training plateaus when it happens and how you can bust through them with the techniques in this program. According to Venuto “This is vital information because most people don’t even know why they’re stuck, and it’s impossible to keep the gains coming if you don’t have an arsenal of tools at your disposal”.


If you want to learn all the techniques and methods to achieve the overload principle to gain more muscle, you’ll learn all of them in this book. Increasing the weight is just one way of achieving progressive overload that most people know, but you now could learn all the other ways to do it. These are practical techniques and most of them can be quantified with numbers so you can track your progress with precision.

The Ultimate Progressive Overload Training Manual is officially launching on December 1st, 2016, but for a limited time, it is being included free with Burn the Fat Inner Circle membership.

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