Build Dense Muscle With The Proper Rep Range In Your Workout

dense muscle mass

Learn how to build dense muscle mass with these tips that will help you gain rock hard mass and avoid the soft, puffy look.

If you search for information on how to build muscle you’ll get different opinions about what workout protocols build muscle the best. The fact is, there are many ways to build muscle, and many of those approaches work well. However, each individual should consider their specific goals when choosing a workout program to build muscle.

Is your goal to look attractive after you make your gains? I’m sure that most people’s answer would be yes.

“The last thing you want to become is a rounded mass of soft muscle after you put on muscle” says Rusty Moore – fitness trainer and author. “It is fine to get bigger, as long as you still have compact functional muscles. Full muscles are great as long as this isn’t overdone. There is a fine line between “full muscles” and simply overdoing it”.

When it comes to building dense muscle, I recommend learning from Rusty. He knows a lot of stuff about muscular density training that you would not get most fitness experts to teach you.

Rep Ranges Are a Big Factor in Muscle Size and Density

In an article Rusty wrote, he gave details on how rep range affects muscle size and density.

“The 2-5 rep range is good for strength and muscle density without significantly making the muscle bigger. This is especially true if calories are kept under control and lifting is done a rep short of failure. Getting stronger without making the muscle bigger is a great way to get the hard angular look. The 6-12 rep range is very effective at building muscle mass. This is why most mainstream magazines recommend it. The 15+ rep range is more of a way of doing cardio with weights. This is the main idea behind circuit training.”

dense muscle

The Problem With the Typical 6-12 Rep Range

Despite acknowledging that the 6-12 rep range does work in building muscle, Rusty states that it has it’s drawbacks.

“The 6-12 rep range does work in building muscle, I just don’t think it creates the best look. What happens is that the muscles become very pumped during the lifting. When I lifted this way, my skin would get tight and I’d look like a different person while lifting. The problem with this is that the size is temporary. Another problem was that when my muscles weren’t pumped up, they looked decent, but soft. The fluctuation in muscle size was unpredictable as well. Some days I looked huge, some days I looked much smaller. Anyone who has lifted this way for a number of years knows exactly what I’m talking about.”

According to Rusty, the reason why the 6-12 reps build soft muscles is high rep, pump training creates Sarcoplasmic Hypertrophy. This is one of the two muscle growths which creates an increase in muscle size due to an increase in the volume of the muscle cell fluid.

“This fluid can account for up to 30% of the size of a muscle on a pumped up bodybuilder who trains with 6-12 reps. It is also why the size of the muscles can fluctuate dramatically with this type of training. It is “fake” muscle growth to a certain extent.” He said

Rusty went further on to explain what “Real” Muscle Growth is.

“The other muscle growth is called Myofibrillar Hypertrophy which is an enlargement of the muscle fibers. Muscle size increases from the actual growth of fibers in the muscle not the fluid within the muscles. This is real and permanent muscle growth and this creates the dense and angular look. This type of muscle growth leads to stronger and harder muscles. The way this is accomplished is by lifting lower reps, but in a special way.”

Best Way To Build Dense Muscle Mass

Rusty recommends the 2-5 rep range the most, “since it is great in creating permanent muscle tone. Technically semi-permanent, but muscles look defined 24 hours a day as long as body fat levels are low enough.”

The issue with this rep range is that it isn’t good for building mass. However, by doing more sets using this rep range you would build muscle mass.

Low Rep and High Volume Build Larger Dense Muscles

Rusty’s method for building muscle mass while maintaining good muscle density is to combine low reps with a high amount of sets.

He wrote “Most of the time I recommend low rep and low volume which is a way to build muscle definition without increasing the size of the muscle. But for a mass building workout, the volume needs to be increased substantially. The strategy is to lift many low rep sets, so you can still lift heavy to a certain extent, but have enough volume of lifting for a size increase.

The tips above showed you what to do in your workout to build dense muscle mass. If you are looking for a complete muscle building system, I recommend checking out Rusty’s full step-by-step muscle building workout for men. And if you are a woman who want the slim, toned look checkout the workout for women.

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Visual Impact Muscle Building Review

Visual Impact Muscle Building is a program by fitness expert Rusty Moore that is specially created to help men build muscle, lose fat and end up with a nice looking body. This program is enriched with special workout techniques and smart nutrition guidelines to produce quality muscle growth, build muscle without fat and promote maximum definition for your body.

The general aim of Visual Impact Muscle Building is to help men get a fit and healthy body that also looks attractive in and out of clothes. The program doesn’t support the big and bulky look. It provides special advice to help make sure that your body looks symmetrical, hard and ripped after completing the program.

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What Makes It Different?

There are many muscle building programs on the market, and many of them work to build muscle. But what makes Visual Impact Muscle Building different is that it is not designed just to add muscle mass. It focuses on building lean muscle in a specific way on your body to ensure that you get an attractive physique in the end.

Most bodybuilding and muscle building guides are based on generic workout plans that add muscle however and wherever it ends up on your body. Rusty believes this approach could make your body end up looking unimpressive after you put on muscle. VIMB uses a different approach. It helps you build muscle in targeted areas as well as ensure that your gains are really dense for that hard, defined look.

The Program Structure

It is a 6-month program for building muscle and maximizing physique definition that is divided into 3 phases. The program comes with specific workout routines, diet advice and plenty of crucial knowledge about building muscle naturally for good looks.

Each phase is designed to have a different impact on the muscle. Phase 1 focuses on increasing muscle size fast, phase 2 focuses on both increasing muscle size and adding density to the muscle and phase 3 is focused only on maximizing definition with density training, and strategic cardio for getting ultra lean.

You can choose to start with the phase that is most suitable for you depending on your physique starting point and goals. Rusty Moore also shows you how to tweak your nutrition and training to customize the program to fit your personal preferences. He even shows you how to make adjustments to the program if you are working out at home with limited equipment.

Advantages Over Common Bodybuilding Programs

The problem with conventional bodybuilding programs is that they rely greatly on the squat, deadlift and bench press exercises. These exercises can help beginners gain muscle fast. However, the type of look that may result from focusing mainly on these exercises may not be satisfactory to the person who has a priority of looking attractive.

You see, these big lifts can give you a weird looking body at the end because the muscle is not targeted towards specific body parts where it is needed. And if there is no focus on balancing the 2 different muscle growths (sarcoplasmic hypertrophy and myofibrillar hypertrophy) you may not get the right ratio of muscle density and muscle size to create your  best look.

The Visual Impact Muscle Building program consist of special training techniques to add muscle size in the right areas on your body, make a muscle group dense without making it bigger and gain muscle without fat. This kind of program structure will help make sure that you get the exact lean muscular physique you want. If you leave the look of your body up to chance by using the basic bodybuilding approach, this may not give you the lean, ripped look that turns heads and attract girls.

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visual impact muscle buildingRusty Moore

Rusty Moore is a well known fitness expert, trainer and consultant who has a large following online. He communicates with his followers through his blog, social media accounts and email. There is no negative reports about Rusty Moore such as scam or deceptive business practices.

Rusty is highly respected in the fitness community by both customers and other fitness professionals. His online fitness products and publications are focused on helping men and women get the “Lean Hollywood Look”. Apart from Visual Impact Muscle Building, Rusty is also the creator of a fitness program for women, a strength training program and a cardio program for getting lean, which are all presently available on the online fitness market. All his programs have favorable customer feedback.

With over 25 years experience in fitness, Rusty is very knowledgeable about muscle building and is a trusted expert to take advice from.

Program Review

It doesn’t matter how good a program is it would not be perfect for everyone. Here are the pros and cons that would help you further with making the most informed decision about this program.


  • The program will teach you lots of stuff you would not learn from any other muscle building program,
  • The actual diet and workout plan are easy to understand and follow.
  • There is no scam with this program. I can assure you of that. And if you bought it and it didn’t work for you there is 60-day money back guarantee.
  • The program is not based on generic muscle building principles. It uses advance training strategies to help you end up with the best look you can get.


  • Not the best program if your goal is to get maximum muscle size or that big muscle look.
  • It doesn’t explain a lot about the basics of muscle building. It’s more focused on explaining the advance methods that it uses to help men get quality results when they train.
  • It gives you a lot of helpful information and tips on muscle building nutrition, but it doesn’t have a specific diet plan. This may actually be a good thing because the diet can be customized by each user to meet their individual needs.


I am very impressed by Rusty Moore’s Visual Impact Muscle Building program and I give it a high rating as a good program for men to build lean muscle. Also, the low refund rate and popularity of this program shows that the majority of the thousands of customers that used the program find it useful.

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