No Nonsense Muscle Building 2.0 Review

No Nonsense Muscle Building 2.0

Read my review of No Nonsense Muscle Building 2.0 (NNMB 2.0), Vince DelMonte’s updated muscle building/fat burning program. It helps you design your workout for your muscle fiber type. Learn more below. Also, check out the official website through the links below.

What Is It?

It is the updated version of Vince DelMonte’s popular “No-Nonsense Muscle Building” system. No Nonsense Muscle Building 2.0 is Vince DelMonte’s new muscle building program that is updated with new strategies and methods that are not available in the first program. The aim of NNMB 2.0 is to help users build lean muscle and burn fat fast.

The key strategy in the program is helping users discover their muscle fiber type and exactly how to adjust their workouts to work with their genetics instead of against it. The idea is that training according to your muscle fiber type helps increase lactic acid which, when happens, can supercharge your muscle building results.

When you buy the program you’ll get The Muscle Fiber Switch Trick – a simple test that is included with the program to help you determine your muscle fiber type. According to Vince, if you keep doing workouts that are not tailored to your fiber type you will continue to struggle with slow and average results, and never experience your true potential.

The program can be used by both men and women that possess any body shape and genetics. And it is suitable for persons in all age groups that are capable of following a weight training program.

What Is the NNMB 2.0 Workout Program?

This is an 18-week training program in which you’ll follow instructions and guidelines from Vince to build muscle, get strong and lose fat with 3 unique phases and 3 unique techniques. Each phase and technique is tailored to your muscle fiber type. Vince walks you through every step of each workout with a number of detailed manuals, which gives you the supplement, recovery, sleep and nutrition advice you need to succeed.

Muscle Building Results

No Nonsense Muscle Building 2.0 is designed in such a way that you can follow along with Vince, every day, as he walks you through the exercises. According to Vince, this is the most comprehensive and up-to-date program he has designed in 10 years and is different to all his other programs including the first No Nonsense Muscle Building program.

Early last year, the Beta Version Workouts of the official NNMB 2.0 System was released briefly to some of Vince’s followers. However, the workouts simply contain the bare essentials that included 18-weeks of workouts, exercise description guide and printable workout sheets.

The official program now released has been fine-tuned and is a full program. Last year Vince also took a group of guys and have them used the same NNMB 2.0 Beta Version Workouts to build muscle, gain strength and lose fat.

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My Personal Thoughts

After buying and looking through the No Nonsense Muscle Building 2.0 program I have to say that it’s looking good. I believe it’s a program you can pickup if you want to lose fat and build muscle. And the basic program is being offered at a very low price.

The concept of determining your muscle fiber type for building muscle may be a bit overhyped by Vince in the promotion, but I believe this approach could be useful for your muscle building success. There are a number of ways to help make losing fat and building muscle easier, surely customizing your program to your individual body is one of them.

I got Vince’s first “No Nonsense Muscle Building” a few years ago, and honestly I have to say that he has come a long way since this program. Although it was a best-seller with great testimonials, the first program wasn’t top-notch in my personal opinion. This new program is a much better product. It’s quality, structure and design is a lot more impressive. I highly recommend it.

About Vince DelMonte

Vince is a WBFF Pro Fitness Model but is more renowned for his work in the fitness industry as an author, trainer and online personality. DelMonte is formerly known as “Skinny Vinny” due to the very skinny body he once possessed. Today he is Known as The Skinny Guy Savior.

vince delmonte

It has taken Vince more than 12 years and more than $100,000 to learn everything he knows when it comes to the most direct and efficient way to build muscle and burn fat. Between university, certifications, courses, therapists, and coaches, he got to understand the science and strategies of body transformation to he is using to help his students and clients get results.

No Nonsense Muscle Building 2.0 – The Bottom Line

You’ll be presented with other related but optional offers after purchasing the main NNMB 2.0 program. Some of these additional programs may be very useful depending on your circumstances. I especially find the “done-for-you nutrition system” valuable because I always like nutrition to be as simplified as possible. The “fat-loss accelerator” would also be a beneficial element if getting lean as quickly as possible is your goal. As I go through the No Nonsense Muscle Building 2.0 program, I will be updating this review page with the results and any other thoughts on the program.

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