Hip Flexibility Solution Review

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This is a review of the Hip Flexibility Solution program by Eric Wong. Eric is an expert on flexibility, and he is also the creator of the new Shoulder Flexibility Solution.

Why You Need To Become More Flexible?

Some people are just naturally flexible, and some aren’t. If you are not gifted with natural flexibility, finding solutions to become more flexible in key areas such as your hips and legs would be very beneficial.

Being flexible in these areas allows you to do a proper “Hip Hinge”. Your lower back and knees get injured mainly due to the inability to hinge properly at the hips. When hips are tight, the back rounds and take a beating when you do any sort of squatting movement. Gyms are full of people demonstrating tight hips and bad form. If their hips were more flexible, they would be able to do the movements with much more ease.

With flexible hips, you would also be able to squat without the knees traveling too far forward. Hip flexibility helps the knees as well. The top expert when it comes to lower body flexibility is Eric Wong and he has a program out called Hip Flexibility Solution that anyone can use.

What Is Hip Flexibility Solution?

It is a flexibility program that has been developed for anyone with tight hips who wants to quickly fix this problem. It is an informative course and step-by-step program that you can follow to quickly and effectively release your locked hips to improve your speed and fluidity of movement. It shows that by improving your hip flexibility you can quickly gain strength, speed, and power.

Additional benefits of the routines include erasing knee, hip and back pain. These benefits would be valuable to different people including persons working in certain industries, athletes, fighters, people that exercise, people that lift weights etc.

Is It Worth It?

If you have a problem with tight hips and want to get all the benefits of fixing this issue then I highly recommend Hip Flexibility Solution by Eric Wong. The content and structure of this program are very impressive, and I don’t believe that you will easily find any other program with the same focus anywhere like it.

Eric Wong

Eric Wong is definitely one of the top experts that you can take advice and guidance from when it comes to improving flexibility. He has been training MMA fighters for many years, holds a Honors Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology, CSCS and studied under world-renowned back expert Dr. Stuart McGill at the University of Waterloo.

The Program Details

Hip Flexibility Solution is a fully digital product. The program includes written materials in eBook, full-colour pictures and videos for a good way of learning and seeing exactly what you need to do to get the promised results. It is presented in a neat, easy-to-follow manner.

Here Are The The Contents That You’ll Find Inside

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The Main Manual – An eBook that contains information to educate you on everything about hips, what makes them tight and what to do to release them.

The Technique Manual – This manual gives you the information and instructions on the routines to follow to get the promised results. There are 6 separate routines to follow as part of the program, each taking less than 20 minutes to perform from start to finish. You get the exercise instructions in clear, easy to understand bullet points accompanied by high-quality pictures so you do the exercises exactly as they should be done for optimum results.

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Who Needs This Program And Why?

I personally believe that this program is suitable for anyone who is not naturally flexible, but require good hip flexibility for certain things that you do in life. You’ll benefit from this program even if you are an ordinary person who does daily activities that require lots of bending and stretching.

But following Hip Flexibility Solution will be most beneficial for people who play any sport that requires loose and mobile hips, and people who workout for fitness. When you go the gym and it takes you half the time it normally does to get warm and loose when your hips become more flexible.


  • It works to unlock tight hips effectively and quickly.
  • The program doesn’t advocate a drastic lifestyle change to get the benefits
  • Simple, lucid and easy to follow techniques and solutions.
  • Instantly downloadable
  • Short, home-based workouts
  • 60-day Guarantee with your purchase


  • No hard copies of the products available
  • It is strictly a hip flexibility program. Doesn’t really provide for other fitness benefits such as fat loss or muscle building


I believe that there are many people who need to unlock their hips. If you are a naturally flexible person, no need to get this program. But if you do tend to have tight lower body muscles, this is the best program I’ve found to address this issue.