First Strike Review

First Strike by Todd Lamb promises to help people defend themselves effectively, so this review will provide the key information about it to help you learn if it’s worth it.

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First Strike System

What Is First Strike?

This product was developed by former swat team leader Todd Lamb along with personal protection expert and martial arts teacher Ari Knazan for persons to quickly and easily learn how to fight to defend themselves. It is described as the real world fighting system for regular guys to protect yourself and family from those who intend harm.

The main focus of the First Strike Combatives System is helping you master 17 combatives moves to effectively defend you or someone else in any violent encounter. This system is based on the same way that special forces, law enforcement and personal protection professionals learn to fight.

This real-world fighting style uses the most practical fighting techniques based on natural human instincts, combined with the moves of Shanghai gangster fighting, and field-tested results. The system was designed to be simple yet terribly effective in stopping a violent attacker. It is expected that you’ll master many of the combatives moves after only weeks or sometimes even just days of beginning the course.

The creator Todd Lamb began his career as a Special Operator in the Canadian Forces SSF. And he also served as leader of one of the most prestigious SWAT Teams in the world. Todd has combined his Special Forces background with Ari’s decades of martial arts experience to the real world demands of personal protection and security work to create the First Strike Combatives System.

Is This Product Worth The Buy?

Now that you know what First Strike is about, should you buy it? I would strongly recommend this course to anyone who is not skilled in fighting for self-defense in the real world. Having the knowledge, skills and abilities to fight is important. I think both men and women need self-defense skills, but especially if you are a man you need to be able to fight to defend yourself or another person who is under a violent attack.

Here at our main focus is helping guys build muscle and gain great strength. But how impressive would it be for a man to have a muscular and strong physique but cannot fight to defend himself if his life literally depended on it?

You should never believe that a violent attack would never happen to you. If you look at the news regularly you would have seen stories of people who lost their lives or got seriously hurt from violent attacks they never expected. Living in a safe place and staying away from trouble doesn’t mean you’ll be completely safe from violence.

But even if you never have a reason to use these knowledge and skills that you’ll learn in this course, just having them will give you a lot more confidence and courage to live your life everyday. You will be able to go anywhere or confront any potentially violent situation without worry or fear.

Inside The First Strike Combatives System

The First Strike program is available digitally online. You’ll get instant online access when you order. This program is a video course that teaches the 17 combatives moves. Each move is taught in 3 minutes or less. The videos are very clear and easy-to-understand, and you can watch them on your pc, tablet or phone.

Some of the lessons you’ll learn inside the First Strike combatives system:

  • 7 Special Forces Locks and Breaks that render any attacker in seconds.
  • Simple attack strategies to defend against any edged weapon and disarm your assailant.
  • The most unorthodox method of delivering strikes that confuses, bewilders and leaves your assailant lying on the floor wondering what the hell just happened.
  • An easy-to-learn takedown that turns your attacker’s intentions against him.
  • The only tactic you should use in the sights of a crazed maniac intent on a mass shooting. This is an important life-saving tactic.
  • The mind trick that enables you to disrupt your assailants thoughts before you even go hands on.
  • 3 simple strategies to quickly end the fight fast and keep you from getting your head caved in when a fight goes to the ground.

Review Conclusion

There are plenty of free self defense tutorial videos on Youtube and online articles created by people based on theory and who don’t have an ounce of real-world experience. I would not rely on these sources. It’s much better to be carefully guided by professionals who know exactly what they’re doing. They must have both experience and expertise in this field. That’s why I highly recommend First Strike because the guys behind the system are experienced professionals in personal protection and real-world combat.

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