Beginner Calisthenics Workout

Beginner Calisthenics Workout Routine – Get In Shape Without The Gym

So you are a beginner who wants to get in shape but you don’t have access to a gym or weight training equipment? This is not a problem that should stop you from working out to burn fat, build muscle, and get all the other great benefits of a good workout. By using calisthenics, which is basically bodyweight training, you can build a good physique.

Does Calisthenics Exercises Work?

Calisthenics is bodyweight training that involves creativity in the planning and excution of the workouts. Once performed correctly, they can work well for burning fat and building muscle which is key for getting in shape. Other benefits of calisthenics exercise include flexibility and improved heart and lung circulation.

One reason calisthenics routines work so well for beginners is you can perform various exercises that utilize multiple muscle groups which helps beginners build muscle fast, and burn a lot of calories. The reason there’s a perception that you can’t pack on muscle with bodyweight training is a lack of understanding. You see, you need to understand how to choose the right progressions to increase your strength. As long as there is tension on the muscle you can grow.

Calisthenics also take away a lot of boredom from working out. You are not restricted to a machine or specific location and you can have a lot of fun with the workouts. You can perform the workouts anywhere; in your home, at a park, in your yard etc.

About Beginner Calisthenics Workout

Fist of all when you are just starting out in calisthenics training, you should not be trying to train the same way like the advanced athletes you see in Youtube videos or your local park. As a beginner, you have to do lots of the basics before you start trying anything fancy.

The basic calisthenics exercises you will have to start with are pushups, pullups, dips, squats and ab exercises like crunches. There are lots of variations to these exercises, some of which you can start doing as a beginner, but others you’ll only be able to do when you progress in strength and fitness level. Let’s now get into the calisthenics workout routine for beginners. This workout comes from calisthenics team Bar Brothers which is a sample workout from their complete calisthenics system.

The Beginners Routine

This Beginners Calisthenics workout program from Bar Brothers contains 3 workouts that will help you drastically improve your physique and fitness level. You will build a strong foundation and learn the essential bodyweight exercises to help you progress effectively into more advanced movements. The routines can be customized to fit you best, depending on want you are able to do.

As a beginner you may want to lower the number of reps for the exercises if the suggested reps are too high for your strength level. You may also want to leave out certain exercises that you find too difficult to perform when just starting out. And then add reps and more of the difficult exercises later when you are stronger. The trick is to make sure you continually challenge yourself to increase your reps so you can progress to harder exercise variations once you can handle them.

The 3 beginner workout routines are for upper body, abs and lower body. These 3 workouts do not require a pullup bar, so they can be done anywhere including in your home.

Schedule your workouts accordingly, but always make sure that you are doing a different workout/hitting a different muscle group on different days. Never work the same muscle groups on consecutive days. The reason you can’t work the same body parts on consecutive days is because your muscle must be given time to rest for recovery and growth to happen. You don’t build muscle when you’re exercising, you build muscle when you’re resting.

This is an example:

Monday: Upper body workout
Tuesday: Abs/core workout
Wednesday: Lower body/leg workout
Thursday: Rest

See visual demonstration of each exercise found in the workout in this video. No need to research how to perform the exercises, thanks to the Bar Brothers.

1. Upper Body Workout: Chest/Triceps/Shoulder Workout

15 pushups (warmup)
15 walk-out pushups
15 pushup knee elbow touches
15 tiger bend pushups
15 dips on chairs
15 full body dips
15 wide/inner alternate pushups
15 backyard dips on ledge, max out with pushups (4-8 sets of this routine)

2 Abs/Core Workout

15 situps (warm up)
15 toe touch crunches
15 push through crunches
15 lower back bends
30 second back holds
30 second alternating inner and wide holds
5 wide spread sits/toe touches, max out sit ups (4-8 total sets of this routine)

3 Lower body/leg workout

15 lunges
15 squat
15 lunge to higher platform/pistol squat(alternate legs)
15 jump squats
15 calf raises each leg
max out squats
4-8 total sets of this routine
(also for extra burn, after you are done with your sets to build more leg muscle run sprints, hills, and stairs)

4 Bar Brothers Pullup Bar Routine

The following workout should be attempted only after you’ve completed the 3 workouts above and also completed some basic pullups. These esercises require a pullup bar.

4 muscle ups
4 behind head pullups
4 side to side pullups
4 head bangers
4 hand grips change
4 leg lifts
(4-8 sets of this routine)

5 Full body workout routine to increase your stamina and reps

This workout routine is an advanced challenge. For intermidiate, switch the reps for each exercise to 20, for beginners change it to 10. And for each different set, you can change it to 10. And for each different set, you can change up the grips from inner, regular and wide to hit all muscle groups.

30 dips
30 pullups
30 pushups
30 squats

To make these exercises even more challenging add extra body weight by holding a weight or vest.

If you’re looking for a little more direction for your calisthenics training, then I recommend checking out the Bar Brothers System. It’s the complete calisthenics program that consists of hundreds of high definition video demonstrations, a lot more workouts, and a full nutrition guide on how to eat properly for your goals.

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Perfect Body Shape For Men

Perfect Body Shape For Men – Adonis Golden Ratio

Is there a perfect body shape for men? According to fitness expert John Barban, “there is one true perfect male form that is the purest, most powerful and attractive shape a male can possess”.

The Adonis Golden Ratio – The Perfect Male Shape

John Barban discovered the concept of the Adonis Golden Ratio (AGR) when he decided to look beyond available information in the fitness industry to find answers on how to get the perfect body shape for a man.

“Surprisingly the answer wasn’t found in anything the fitness industry had produced or any of the strategies my world record holding powerlifter and champion bodybuilder friends used”, confesses John who has created a full fitness program based on the concept and named it The Adonis Golden Ratio (AGR) System.

“Oddly enough, the answer appeared when I obsessively shifted my focus to human anatomy, genetics, psychology and attraction research in an attempt to identify what male build has been proven to create the most admiration, respect and physical attraction. After all, I’m sure you’ll agree these aspirations are the main reasons why you and I work out in the first place”.

How To Get The AGR Body Shape?

We know that losing fat and building muscle through nutrition and exercise is the way to change the shape of your body. However, getting the perfect body calls for specific protocols that most muscle building programs do not follow. Unfortunately, simply following any fitness program to get in shape does not guarantee that you’ll get the Adonis Golden Ratio. You may train hard, eat right and even get good muscle building and fat loss results, yet do not have this specific body shape.

So what is it? It’s a very specific proportion of your waist to your shoulders that is represented by a special ratio. In order to find out if your body fits into the parameters of the Adonis Golden Ratio, you have to measure your waist to shoulders. Depending on where you are in terms of how far or close your body is to the AGR, you’ll then focus on building your body to get the precise ratio. A few guys who workout may unknowingly get the AGR, but most guys would need to optimize their Adonis Index to get the specific proportion.

Optimizing your Adonis Index simply means developing your shoulders so they’re broad compared to your waist. The waist to shoulder ratio that is in line with the AGR is 1:1.618. So, if your waist is given a value of 1, your shoulders should be 1.618. This would be considered the ideal Adonis Index.

Perfect Body Shape For Men Photo 1

Why Does Waist-to-Shoulder Measurement Determine Men’s Perfect Shape?

It’s really an interesting concept that combines science, psychology, mathematics and even evolutionary theory.

First of all, the golden ratio has held a special fascination for at least 2,400 years. Through history, scientists and artists believed this ratio determines what is objectively attractive. In mathematics, two quantities are in the golden ratio if their ratio is the same as the ratio of their sum to the larger of the two quantities. 1.618 is the value that represents the golden ratio.

Seondly, study proves women are genetically and evolutionary hard wired to seek out and be attracted to men with broad shoulders. Roman, a fitness expert and contributor to Men’s Health wrote “Broad shoulders imply strength, power and virility, and are, therefore, a mating qualifier that makes a man’s body appear more attractive to the opposite sex. However, broad is relative. Something can only be seen as broad if it’s compared to something less so. This is where your shoulder-to-waist measurement comes in”.

It’s Not Just The Best Shape For Attracting Women

Looking more attractive to women is not the only benefit men get from possessing the Adonis Goldedn Ratio. You’ll also get more respect from other men and people in general. “It creates an immediate subconscious admiration from both sexes which is referred to as “The Adonis Effect”. The Adonis Effect is the powerful subconscious effect and influence your physical presence has on others” said John.

What’s also advantageous of the AGR is that it makes it easier to reach your muscle building and fat loss goals. In John’s own words “losing fat and increasing lean muscle, strength and performance is exceptionally easier and faster when you achieve this proportion because your body is in its strongest, most natural form evolution meant for it to be in”.

John claims that any guy, with any body type or genetics can achieve this proportion and the advantages that naturally follow.

The Bottom Line

If you’ve been trying to get a “perfect body”, you definitely want to pay careful attention to the Adonis Golden Ratio. The perfect body with ripped muscle, broad shoulders and a narrow waist that meets the proportional requirement of the AGR may be closer than you think. And if you want a program to achieve this body shape, you can’t go wrong by choosing John Barban’s AGR System because this is what it was designed for.

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Muscle Building Strategy

Muscle Building Strategy For Men To Increase Physical Attractiveness

If you are a guy who wants to improve the look of your body in the best way naturally possible, then you need to learn about the muscle building strategy for men to increase their physical attractiveness.

We know that building muscle happens when you combine different elements of nutrition and training. The fundamentals are the calorie surplus, macronutrients and training for progressive overload. Essentially, any program that has those basic factors would allow most people to get results. But if you are a guy who is concerned about your physical appearance and want to get the best look for your body after putting on muscle, you’ll want to focus on more than the basics of muscle building.

Muscle Building Strategy For Getting An Attractive Body Is Not Common In Fitness

A strategy is defined as a plan of action or policy designed to achieve a major or overall aim. There are many advanced muscle building and fitness programs that are designed with special strategies to help users gain muscle more efficiently, gain strength faster or overcome a certain limitation. This is very good. But there are not many muscle building programs that are designed with special strategy to help men increase physical attractiveness. In fact, you would not find many fitness experts and trainers who even talk about physical attractiveness when giving advice for building muscle.

The common advice given for building muscle is based around mainstream bodybuilding methods. The established approach in most fitness circles is to gain as muscle as fast as possible everywhere on your body. There is nothing wrong with this approach. Gaining muscle fast in every body part is the right way to go if your aim is to get more muscle mass. However, when your aim is not just to get more muscle but also get your most attractive physique, you need to take a slightly different approach.

Muscle Building Attractive Men Physique

Other Factors To Consider When Building Muscle To Increase Physical Attractiveness

Besides building muscle and getting lean, which are the main factors to get in shape, a man who wants to get an attractive body should also care about body proportion and muscle density.

John Barban knows how important getting into the right proportion is for men when building muscle. John is one of the few fitness experts who focuses on physical attractiveness in his fitness programs. When he wanted to get his most attractive physique, John went on a personal quest for answers. He went into studying human anatomy, genetics, psychology and attraction research in an attempt to identify what male build has been proven to create the most admiration, respect and physical attraction.

Amazingly, John discovered from his research and studies that a special body proportion has the power to greatly increase a man’s physical attractiveness. This special proportion is known as The Adonis Golden Ratio (AGR) . The AGR is basically a special measurement or ratio of the waist and shoulders. John claims that this is a form of perfect proportion proven to elicit strength, power, admiration, and magnetic attraction from females. Men can create the AGR by gaining the right amount of muscle in their shoulders while sculpting an overall lean muscular physique.

Creator of Visual Impact Muscle Building workout, Rust Moore, gives a lot of advice on muscle density – which is the process of making the muscle harder and firmer with special training. He has explained that persons who do not train for increasing muscle density apart from just increasing muscle mass may not like the look they end up with at the end.

He said that many guys end up looking soft and average instead of looking rock-solid and ripped in the way women are attracted to and men respect.

Strategy To Get The Desired Look You Want

So the main muscle building strategy to ensure your body looks attractive when you gain muscle is to aim for the right proportion and get the muscle to be dense and hard. Simply gaining muscle without paying attention to these factors would not guarantee an impressive look.

Both Rusty and John’s popular muscle building programs reveal the exact workout strategies and methods to build dense muscle in the right proportion that will give you the attractive physique that you desire.

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Expert Program Design Platform Review – Software By Fred Zoller

Expert Program Design

The Expert Program Design Platform is a program design software by Fred Zoller that makes it easy for fitness professionals to design expert fitness programs. This easy to use, plug and play software allows users to create quality scientific fitness programs that can be used for your private, semi-private, small group, large group and online training programs all in one.

Apart from the universally compatitble excel software that can work with any type of computer, when you buy Expert Program Design, you also get a video library of over 300 videos, 11 done For You Workout Template, a video seminar with Fred Zoller and his team, eBooks and other useful resources to guide and teach you.

Click Here To See The Official Expert Program Design Website

About Fred Zoller

Fred Zoller

Fred Zoller is a certified personal trainer and owner of his own training facility called “LEAN Performance Academy” which he has been successfuly running for years. His facility provides coaching for personal clients, staff of coaches and other coaches whether they own their own fitness business or just beginning in the business.

Fred graduated from SLU with a B.S. in Kinesiology emphasizing human movement. He has attained numerous training certifications and has read and studied every ounce of material he could get his hands on related to health and fitness.

During his career as a fitness coach, Fred began with private personal training in 1996 and teaching nutrition seminars in 2005 stemming from his career as a natural bodybuilder. He has worked with a wide variety of clientele, from general population clientele to several top level athletes, State Champions, and professionals in a multitude of sports.

A sought after expert, Fred is invited to speak to a number of organizations each year on topics such as fitness, nutrition and motivation. For the last few years he has spent much of his time developing his new training facility and his coaches branding his very own training philosophy which has been successful for years.

After completing 3 business-coaching courses, Fred quickly realized that he also had a passion for coaching other fitness professionals. He has had great success at the lower level (coaching clients) and slowly begin to coach other trainers in the clubs he worked in.

Today, Fred calls his staff and himself coaches. The main reason is that he is super passionate about helping other trainers become coaches, improving their businesses and drastically impacting the lives he comes into contact with.

Who Needs The Expert Program Design Platform?

This product is a great resource for all trainers who create fitness programs, and need a system to do this with less time and effort. This software will help you deliver expert quality programs consistently, save time, grow your business, train your staff, add new services and make more money. Remember this system allows you to design expert fitness programs for your private, semi-private, small group, large group and online training programs all in one. Spending large amounts of your time designing programming for all of your clients is now a thing of the past.


Expert Program Design is a decent product for the fitness trainers looking to improve the way they create programs and run their business. Definitely good value for money as you get loads of extras with the purchase. The amount of video content that is included in the package alone is staggering. Plus, the bonuses are great additional value. Definitely good value for money.

Click To Visit The Official Product Website


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The 14 Day Perfect Booty Program Review – Alli Kerr

This is a Review of the 14 Day Perfect Booty Program, the new fitness program for women by Alli Kerr. Would this program work as claimed? I provide the key information on the 14 Day Perfect Booty Program in this review to help you learn what the system is about and how it works.

Click Here To Visit The Official Program Website

14 Day Perfect Booty Program

What Is It?

This product is a booty shaping workout program created by Alli Kerr aimed at women who desire to get their booty lifted, tightened, and toned. This program works with a special workout approach that involves a new bodyweight cellulite trick that is a more direct and effective way for targeting the issues that are making your booty look out of shape. This workout strategy reverses what is known as, but many people are unaware of, “Saggy Butt Syndrome” so that you can visibly see the unsightly fat disappear fast from your hips, butt and thighs.

The 14 Day Perfect Booty Program doesn’t use long painful workouts, which Alli Kerr believes doesn’t work, nor dangerous cellulite creams that are more risky than they are beneficial. Kerr promises that you will finally see your firmest, most attractive butt ever in only 14 days. And the program can be used by any woman at any age.

The product contains exclusive information and step by step instructions presented through PDF guides and demonstration videos that you would follow to put the system to use. Alli Kerr designed the program from her personal practical knowledge as somebody who had the exact same issues and labored for a long time to uncover the methods that work.

The 14 Day Perfect Booty Program Review

You may have heard that working out can give you a firmer booty, but proper information is a key factor when it comes to making improvements or achieving this goal. This product is a reliable source of information that anyone can use to learn the correct exercise methods to improve the shape and look of their booty.

The program was created by a certified and experienced fitness expert which is also very important. Alli Kerr has a good track record of helping people get in amazing shape with her diet and exercise methods. I think for this reason, you can expect the program to produce phenomenal results if you put it to use.

What’s Included in The Program

It is a digital information product. It comes with the eBook guide and access to quality videos for almost all the workouts, as well as full rundowns, pictures and detailed instructions for every exercise used in those workouts. Users will find a mobile-ready video library featuring in-depth instruction and demonstrations of the workouts so you know exactly what you’re doing every step of the way.

You’ll Get Instant Access To All These:

Perfect Booty PDF Guide

Permanently build the Perfect Booty
Tone and Tighten your Thighs
Melt away all Cellulite
Create an Hourglass Figure
Do it all in Only 14 Days!

Perfect Booty Exercise Video Library

How To Video For Every Exercise Included
Easy To Follow Along Instruction
Increase Your Success And Results
From Alli Kerr – Women’s Fitness Expert!


The bottom line is if you need to get a tight and lifted booty, the 14 Day Perfect Booty Program a very good program to use. It is not based on generic methods that may be a waist of time performing, but rather employs a more effective exercise approach that works to quickly release the lumpy, dimpled cellulite fat from your hips, butt and thighs.

Get It Now From The Official Website


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