No Nonsense Muscle Building 2.0 Review – Vince DelMonte’s Program

Read my review of No Nonsense Muscle Building 2.0 (NNMB 2.0), Vince DelMonte’s updated muscle building/fat burning program. It helps you design your workout for your muscle fiber type. Learn more below. Also, check out the official website through the links below.

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No Nonsense Muscle Building 2.0 System

What Is It?

It is the updated version of Vince DelMonte’s popular “No-Nonsense Muscle Building” system.

No Nonsense Muscle Building 2.0 is Vince DelMonte’s new muscle building program that is updated with new strategies and methods that are not available in the first program. The aim of NNMB 2.0 is to help users build lean muscle and burn fat fast. The key strategy in the program is helping users discover their muscle fiber type and exactly how to adjust their workouts to work with their genetics instead of against it. The idea is that training according to your muscle fiber type helps increase lactic acid which, when happens, can supercharge your muscle building results.

When you buy the program you’ll get The Muscle Fiber Switch Trick – a simple test that is included with the program to help you determine your muscle fiber type. According to Vince, if you keep doing workouts that are not tailored to your fiber type you will continue to struggle with slow and average results, and never experience your true potential.

The program can be used by both men and women that possess any body shape and genetics. And it is suitable for persons in all age groups that are capable of following a weight training program.

What Is the NNMB 2.0 Workout Program?

This is an 18-week training program in which you’ll follow instructions and guidelines from Vince to build muscle, get strong and lose fat with 3 unique phases and 3 unique techniques. Each phase and technique is tailored to your muscle fiber type.

Vince walks you through every step of each workout with a number of detailed manuals, which gives you the supplement, recovery, sleep and nutrition advice you need to succeed. No Nonsense Muscle Building 2.0 is designed in such a way that you can follow along with Vince, every day, as he walks you through the exercises.

According to Vince, this is the most comprehensive and up-to-date program he has designed in 10 years and is different to all his other programs including the first No Nonsense Muscle Building program.

Early last year, the Beta Version Workouts of the official NNMB 2.0 System was released briefly to some of Vince’s followers. However, the workouts simply contain the bare essentials that included 18-weeks of workouts, exercise description guide and printable workout sheets. The official program now released has been fine-tuned and is a full program.

Last year Vince also took a group of guys and have them used the same NNMB 2.0 Beta Version Workouts to build muscle, gain strength and lose fat.

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My Personal Thoughts

After buying and looking through the No Nonsense Muscle Building 2.0 program I have to say that it’s looking good. I believe it’s a program you can pickup if you want to lose fat and build muscle. And the basic program is being offered at a very low price.

The concept of determining your muscle fiber type for building muscle may be a bit overhyped by Vince in the promotion, but I believe this approach could be useful for your muscle building success. There are a number of ways to help make losing fat and building muscle easier, surely customizing your program to your individual body is one of them.

I got Vince’s first “No Nonsense Muscle Building” a few years ago, and honestly I have to say that he has come a long way since this program. Although it was a best-seller with great testimonials, the first program wasn’t top-notch in my personal opinion. This new program is a much better product. It’s quality, structure and design is a lot more impressive. I highly recommend it.

About Vince DelMonte

vince delmonte

Vince is a WBFF Pro Fitness Model but is more renowned for his work in the fitness industry as an author, trainer and online personality. DelMonte is formerly known as “Skinny Vinny” due to the very skinny body he once possessed. Today he is Known as The Skinny Guy Savior.

It’s taken Vince more than 12 years and more than $100,000 to learn everything he knows when it comes to the most direct and efficient way to build muscle and burn fat. Between university, certifications, courses, therapists and coaches, he got to understand the science and strategies of body transformation to he is using to help his students and clients get results.

No Nonsense Muscle Building 2.0 – The Bottom Line

You’ll be presented with other related but optional offers after purchasing the main NNMB 2.0 program.  Some of these additional programs may be very useful depending on your circumstances. I especially find the “done-for-you nutrition system” valuable because I always like nutrition to be as simplified as possible. The “fat-loss accelerator” would also be a beneficial element if getting lean as quickly as possible is your goal. As I go through the No Nonsense Muscle Building 2.0 program, I will be updating this review page with the results and any other thoughts on the program.

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AGR Body Review – John Barban’s Fitness System

Is John Barban’s AGR Body system a good weight loss and muscle building program for you? This review focuses on the most important information on the product to help you make an informed choice.

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agr body

What Is AGR?

AGR, which is short for Adonis Golden Ratio, was developed by fitness expert John Barban. It is a fitness program for men that shows you how to lose weight, build muscle and end up with a perfect male physique. This fitness blueprint provides advance nutrition and workout plans designed for you to follow to get a ripped muscular body. The program comes with special, exclusive techniques to lose fat fast and build muscle in a special way to enhance your male body shape for a perfect-looking body.

The author, John Barban, engineered the AGR system from his knowledge as a world renowned fitness professional and personal experience as someone who was once out of shape. He studied and  worked hard to uncover methods that work well for fat loss and aesthetic muscle building for men.

John Barban Adonis Golden Ratio
John Barban showing his AGR body: broad shoulders, narrow waist and perfect proportion.

Is It Worth The Investment?

You may have seen numerous programs promising different ways to lose weight and/or build muscle. But the AGR Body’s unique approach stands out in a big way for helping men get in shape. This is one of the only programs on the market that utilize such methods to help men, not just lose fat and build muscle, but get their most attractive physique. I recommend giving it a try if you are interested in using this approach for getting your best lean, muscular shape.

The AGR Body Program’s Details

There are different PDF manuals available with hundreds of pages to get you up and running. The program also comes with video tutorials and visual instructions to make sure you understand the content and what to do. The content is detailed enough for the most basic of users to understand and use.

It also includes access to a membership site that contains tools, resources, and success stories so you can take your results to the next level.

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  • The program can be used by both beginners and more advanced lifters.
  • Has a deep focus on aesthetic muscle building to create the perfect physique.
  • It is designed for the male body and personalized for your exact body.
  • John Barban, the person behind the AGR Body System is a qualified fitness expert who has a good track record for helping people in this area.
  • There are many positive customer reviews toward this product.


The program is not ideal for bodybuilders who want to gain maximum muscle size. It is more geared towards a lean aesthetic physique.


John Barban’s AGR system is one of the few programs that are designed to maximize the attractiveness of your physique while boosting muscle growth and shredding body fat. The great thing about the program is how it is specifically designed for the male body. It is not a generalized program that was just thrown together quickly. This program took extensive research, and years of testing and tweaking to develop. Also, the AGR has been and continues to be a giant in the fitness market, gathering loads of positive customer reviews from users all over the world.

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The Omega Body Blueprint Review

Find out in this Omega Body Blueprint Review if John Romaniello’s (Roman) fat loss program is worth it. The program is Roman’s newest fitness program that is reported to be the best he has created. Is it that big? Read the review to learn more.

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Program-For-Fat-LossWhat is the Omega Body Blueprint?

It is a fitness program for anyone who wants to get in their best body shape by losing fat and building muscle. The program shows you proven strategies that are designed to effectively lose overall body fat as well as stubborn fat that’s stuck in troubled areas of your body.The program is specially designed to ensure that when you lose your first pounds of fat, that you are also able to lose the last few stubborn pounds that would be the final stage of reaching your Omega Body – the final version of your lean physique.

The Omega Body Blueprint is a complete step-by-step and information-based program with nutrition, training and supplement guidance that has been uniquely designed to help you lose fat, build muscle and get toned fast and effectively. The program uses advance techniques such as hormonal optimization, intermittent fasting, and cycling to help the users tackle body fat in a strategic and complete way, so that you are able to overcome any sticking point that may cause a hindrance between you and your best lean, toned or ripped physique.

Also note. the program is a digital product that you get only from the official website as a digital/downloadable product. The guide is filled with educational, instructional and motivational information to help put you on the right path to efficient and quality fat loss results. All materials for the program are made instantly available after purchase.

Is It Good?

There are different methods to use to get your body in shape. The methodology used by the Omega Body Blueprint is not the only one that works for fat loss. However, it’s approach towards losing fat and shaping up is undoubtedly one of the best available that any man or woman can use to reach the best body shape of their life. If you want a high quality fitness system to get lean and toned that is based on top-notch nutrition and workout strategies to get rid of overall and stubborn fat, then this program is definitely one of your best choice.

This is one of the only programs I know of on the market that utilizes this type of training and nutritional design, which is a smart and very effective approach for to burning fat and sculpting lean muscle. The  system is designed as a simple-to-follow yet very effective system for the user to see optimum fitness results from their efforts to end up with their final physique. I definitely recommend giving it a try if you are looking to get into your best shape.

The Program Details

In the program, Roman provides you with everything you need to help you on your way to your Omega body. You get a comprehensive package of stuff that includes 6 weeks of workouts, a nutrition plan, supplement guide, tons of information and updated research.

The program is set up as a 4-day per week training program, and comes with 24 individual workouts. Each workout session is designed to be different from the one before and after, allowing you to continually force your body to burn more fat while never doing that same workout twice (unless you want to). This program was developed from lots of research, studying, and testing by John Romaniello in recent times. John is a well respected expert in the fitness community and a New York Times best selling author. His credibility and trustworthiness is at a high level.

The Omega Body Blueprint is presented in a variety of PDF manuals that contains different information and resources. The instructions and information are not difficult to understand, so they could be followed by anyone from the beginner to advance level.

See The Full Program Details


  • Specially designed for not only losing overall body fat, but also helping users lose the last bit of stubborn fat for obtaining their Omega bodies.
  • Not a generic program that is focused only on calories in vs calories out. It takes into account everything that come in the way of your ultimate fat loss success including your body’s adaptation curve and hormonal balancing.
  • The creator, John Romaniello, is a notable fitness expert and New York Times bestselling author. His trustworthiness is at a very high level.
  • If you don’t like the product, there is a full money back guarantee that you get without questions asked within 90 days of purchase


  • Definitely not a quick fix plan that requires little effort.
  • Such advance programs require that you follow the instructions to a T in order to get the promised results.
  • It’s designed to be simple but it’s not going to be easy. The workouts are tough, and you have to consistent.

Bottom Line

I highly recommend John Romaniello’s Omega Body Blueprint system, not only because Roman is a highly sought after expert in the fitness community with a number of best selling books and programs under his belt. Really, the program is truly of high quality, uniquely structured and looks very promising to help customers get results. Many people say that they want to get in shape but don’t have access to a good effective program to guide them. This program is a real solution for persons who want an effective system to work towards their fitness goals.


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Visual Impact Muscle Building Review

Visual Impact Muscle Building is a program by fitness expert Rusty Moore that is specially created to help men build muscle, lose fat and end up with a nice looking body. This program is enriched with special workout techniques and smart nutrition guidelines to produce quality muscle growth, build muscle without fat and promote maximum definition for your body.

The general aim of Visual Impact Muscle Building is to help men get a fit and healthy body that also looks attractive in and out of clothes. The program doesn’t support the big and bulky look. It provides special advice to help make sure that your body looks symmetrical, hard and ripped after completing the program.

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website info

What Makes It Different?

There are many muscle building programs on the market, and many of them work to build muscle. But what makes Visual Impact Muscle Building different is that it is not designed just to add muscle mass. It focuses on building lean muscle in a specific way on your body to ensure that you get an attractive physique in the end.

Most bodybuilding and muscle building guides are based on generic workout plans that add muscle however and wherever it ends up on your body. Rusty believes this approach could make your body end up looking unimpressive after you put on muscle. VIMB uses a different approach. It helps you build muscle in targeted areas as well as ensure that your gains are really dense for that hard, defined look.

The Program Structure

It is a 6-month program for building muscle and maximizing physique definition that is divided into 3 phases. The program comes with specific workout routines, diet advice and plenty of crucial knowledge about building muscle naturally for good looks.

Each phase is designed to have a different impact on the muscle. Phase 1 focuses on increasing muscle size fast, phase 2 focuses on both increasing muscle size and adding density to the muscle and phase 3 is focused only on maximizing definition with density training, and strategic cardio for getting ultra lean.

You can choose to start with the phase that is most suitable for you depending on your physique starting point and goals. Rusty Moore also shows you how to tweak your nutrition and training to customize the program to fit your personal preferences. He even shows you how to make adjustments to the program if you are working out at home with limited equipment.

Advantages Over Common Bodybuilding Programs

The problem with conventional bodybuilding programs is that they rely greatly on the squat, deadlift and bench press exercises. These exercises can help beginners gain muscle fast. However, the type of look that may result from focusing mainly on these exercises may not be satisfactory to the person who has a priority of looking attractive.

You see, these big lifts can give you a weird looking body at the end because the muscle is not targeted towards specific body parts where it is needed. And if there is no focus on balancing the 2 different muscle growths (sarcoplasmic hypertrophy and myofibrillar hypertrophy) you may not get the right ratio of muscle density and muscle size to create your  best look.

The Visual Impact Muscle Building program consist of special training techniques to add muscle size in the right areas on your body, make a muscle group dense without making it bigger and gain muscle without fat. This kind of program structure will help make sure that you get the exact lean muscular physique you want. If you leave the look of your body up to chance by using the basic bodybuilding approach, this may not give you the lean, ripped look that turns heads and attract girls.

Click For The Full Product Details

visual impact muscle buildingRusty Moore

Rusty Moore is a well known fitness expert, trainer and consultant who has a large following online. He communicates with his followers through his blog, social media accounts and email. There is no negative reports about Rusty Moore such as scam or deceptive business practices.

Rusty is highly respected in the fitness community by both customers and other fitness professionals. His online fitness products and publications are focused on helping men and women get the “Lean Hollywood Look”. Apart from Visual Impact Muscle Building, Rusty is also the creator of a fitness program for women, a strength training program and a cardio program for getting lean, which are all presently available on the online fitness market. All his programs have favorable customer feedback.

With over 25 years experience in fitness, Rusty is very knowledgeable about muscle building and is a trusted expert to take advice from.

Program Review

It doesn’t matter how good a program is it would not be perfect for everyone. Here are the pros and cons that would help you further with making the most informed decision about this program.


  • The program will teach you lots of stuff you would not learn from any other muscle building program,
  • The actual diet and workout plan are easy to understand and follow.
  • There is no scam with this program. I can assure you of that. And if you bought it and it didn’t work for you there is 60-day money back guarantee.
  • The program is not based on generic muscle building principles. It uses advance training strategies to help you end up with the best look you can get.


  • Not the best program if your goal is to get maximum muscle size or that big muscle look.
  • It doesn’t explain a lot about the basics of muscle building. It’s more focused on explaining the advance methods that it uses to help men get quality results when they train.
  • It gives you a lot of helpful information and tips on muscle building nutrition, but it doesn’t have a specific diet plan. This may actually be a good thing because the diet can be customized by each user to meet their individual needs.


I am very impressed by Rusty Moore’s Visual Impact Muscle Building program and I give it a high rating as a good program for men to build lean muscle. Also, the low refund rate and popularity of this program shows that the majority of the thousands of customers that used the program find it useful.

Click To Learn More From The Official Website




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Superhero Shredding Review – Keith Lai

Have you ever seen a movie star with an impressive lean and chiseled physique in a movie and say to yourself that you want one like that? The truth is, it’s possible to get a movie star body if you work towards it. However, the programs used by most of these stars to get in shape are often very extreme, and it would not be realistic for the average Joe to use. But now, there is a solution to this problem, it’s called Superhero Shredding by fitness blogger Keith Lai. It is a unique fitness program that aims to help guys build a shredded Hollywood physique, but it is sensibly designed to make it easy for a regular guy to use.

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What Is It?

Superhero Shredding is Keith Lai’s workout and nutrition system that he perfected for guys who want a lean and muscular Hollywood physique like top movie stars we see in popular films, but it uses realistic workout routines and diet plans in order to make it suitable for anyone to follow and maintain long-term results. Keith developed and perfected the program after countless amounts of tinkering and playing around with different workouts and diets. He spent time tweaking his own program with info taken from a number of Hollywood actors routines to create a more suitable system that is easier to work with for getting shape, but delivers the exact same results like the actors’.

He studied the workouts of a number of actors including Daniel Craig, Ryan Reynolds, Cam Gigandet, Brad Pitt, Jake Gyllenhaal etc. and smartly used the information he got to create this unique step-by-step system that any guy can use.

This program promises to help guys effectively burn body fat down to single digits and increase lean muscle in all the right places to get the perfect lean shredded physique that looks impressive.

Short Statement On What I Think About It

I am very impressed with Superhero Shredding. This is a special fitness program that comes with a system that is needed in the present fitness market. And I can see a lot of guys benefiting from this program. This is also a high quality product that over-delivers in the value it gives you for the price. The workout and nutrition information is nicely presented, and it makes it simple and easy to follow. I was impressed with the amount of good advice inside the course. But I expected nothing but top quality, because as a regular visitor of keith Lai’s blog,, I am aware that this guy has good work ethics and he is a very good author and program creator.

The program Components – What’s Included

Superhero ShreddingSuperhero Shredding comes with a number of components that provide you with everything you need for the program. When you order you’ll get all of the following for a one-time price.

  • Getting Started” Guide
  • Workout Guide
  • Diet & Nutrition Guide
  • Printable Training Log Sheets
  • Exercise Demonstration Videos
  • Superhero Shredding F.A.Q Guide
  • Plug And Play Nutrition Calculator
  • Lifetime Access To The Secret Superhero Shredding Facebook Group

Along with the above you also get free bonuses when you order which provides you with additional content that would help you learn even more to be able to reach your body transformation and fitness goals. But keep in mind that these bonuses are only available for a limited time.

  • The 2-Day Emergency Split
  • The Exercise Substitution Cheat Sheet
  • The Idiot-Proof Grocery List
  • Superhero Chaos

Who Is It Suitable For?

Superhero Shredding would be suitable for any guy who wants to get a ripped Hollywood physique, and want to use a realistic program to burn fat, build muscle and maintain a lean muscular body. If you have tried certain Hollywood actors workout routines in the past and failed, this doesn’t necessarily mean that something is wrong with you.

These actor routines you see online and in magazines are designed only for the actor to get in shape quickly for a movie role. Despite that, they worked well for the actors, they aren’t optimal for regular men who just want to get in shape and maintain a lean muscular shape all the time. The program would show you how to build a chiseled body of Hollywood status without you having to devote all your time to the gym and follow a super strict diet plan. Guys who are beginner to advance can use this program.

About Keith Lai

Snap4Keith is best known for his popular fitness blog This is one of the top blogs online that discusses celebrity workout routines and diet plans. Superhero Shredding includes everything Keith learned and developed over the years about actors fitness. I can tell you that Keith is definitely someone you can trust to take workout and diet advice from.

Pros and Cons

The Pros greatly outweigh the Cons for this product. The only drawback is it is not designed for women as well. Apart from that, the program is worth it. This course provides a great way to get a movie star body without having to use the same rigorous routines the actors used before filming. There are a great deal of information, and users can customize the guide to fit their personal preferences.

Bottom Line

This is a breakthrough program that gives guys the right workout routine and diet plan to build a Hollywood physique. And it is designed exclusively to help you do this without killing yourself in the gym and eating ridiculously restrictive diets that destroy your metabolism and cause rebound weight gain. If you want a body like one you see in certain movies, then this program is a good choice to work with.

Interested in learning about more fitness programs? Find more on musclebuildingdigital,com.


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