The Organic 7 Day Total Body

The Organic 7-Day Total Body Reset Review – Reboot With Thomas Delauer And Dr. Mike Brookins

This is a Review of the Organic 7-Day Total Body Reset, the health and weight loss program by Thomas Delauer And Dr. Mike Brookins. Could this program be something useful for your health, fitness goals?

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 What Is It?

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The Organic 7-Day Total Body Reset, by celebrity trainer Thomas Delauer and Dr. Mike Brookins, is a program that was designed to help you lose fat and live a healthier, more active life.

This program is based on utilizing special diet and exercise methods, plus secret organic hacks in order to help you see results in 7 days. It does not include drastic calorie reduction, and also avoids other wrong methods that could cause you to lose muscle and make things really hard for you.

The program imparts to you a simple, step-by-step program that you would follow to drop body-fat and become healthier, pain-free, and more active in just 7 days. It contains the best of the author’s knowledge and understanding they gained from their numerous years of experience working in the health and fitness industries.

The Organic 7-Day Total Body Reset Review

When it comes to programs for losing weight, there are many to choose from, but all are not created equal. Many are clumsy and hard to use. They are generally generic, lacking innovative solutions to make things easier for the user and more importantly make sure that they get valuable results.

As a practical matter, most weight loss program designers take the opposite route and use methods that greatly limit the user’s freedom and convenience, while posing risks of muscle loss and metabolic slowdown.

Thomas Delauer And Dr. Mike Brookins have managed to work around these major issues in the Organic 7-Day Total Body Reset. They have put together something I would feel comfortable using myself because it has the right approach.

With no complex diets and untested theories, Organic 7-Day Total Body Reboot stands tall above the crowd with proven before results. Using a unique diet and exercise plan, and secret organic “hacks”, it gives an incredibly strong advantage to help people not just lose weight the healthy way, but also to lose the inflammation that is causing you pain and keeping your body from absorbing valuable nutrients.

The Organic 7-Day Total Body Reset Details

As you will see on the official website, the program comes with a mix of eBooks and videos to provide you with the program information and guidance. Along with the main program guide, you’ll get access to an entire video collection that covers every step so you understand what to do easier.

What You’ll Find Inside The Organic Total Body Reboot A day by day diet plan: This is like 1 on 1 training because it teaches you what you can and can’t eat if you want to lose the inflammation that is causing you pain and keeping your body from absorbing valuable nutrients.

3 secret organic “hacks” to accelerating your fat loss: This is critical because it gives you the tricks that you need to get over those little barriers that can cause so much headache.

Breakdown of your exercise routine: Cut through the nonsense out there on the internet in a straightforward approach to what will work.

Detailed Vitamin and Supplement guide: This a huge value because it’s so tough to know which vitamins are really good for you without the usual supplement company propaganda. Much of this is what the supplement companies don’t want you to know. I’ll show you the best ones.

Videos that break down each and every step: This is great because it’s like having me right in the room with you, helping you through each step.


Overall, I am very impressed by Organic 7-Day Total Body Reset. It is not just another generic guide to losing fat. It is an advanced program that contributes something good for people who are looking for smart ways to lose weight and improve health.

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FLO FIT Review

This is a Review of FLO FIT, the official fitness program from rapper Flo Rida. Could this program be something useful for your fitness goals? This article looks at the key points on the program that you would need to get an idea of how it works and the benefits. You would then be able to decide yourself if you could make use of this program.

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What Is FLO FIT?

It is a digital fitness course that is based on the exact workout and diet regime used by famous musician Flo Rida. This is the official program that got the rapper the ripped and lean physique he has, and keeps him in top shape. He’s sharing exactly what he did in the course for fat loss and muscle building for anyone who wants to get in shape.

Fitness Program Main

FLO FIT is designed to be effective for any regular man or woman with body shaping goals. The program’s approach is working with a perfect mix of Fluid, High Intensity Workouts and Optimal Nutrition to assist users in getting their best shaped body. The program comes with 2 series of instructional workout videos starring Flo Rida and his team, pre-set workout schedules and easy-to-follow nutrition guide to help users achieve outstanding results in just 8 weeks.

Quick Review – Is Flo Rida’s Program Worth It?

I recommend this product, not just because Flo Rida is a famous musician who makes good music, but the program truly looks good with regards to design and quality. It’s really a very well thought out and organized fitness program for anyone who can simply follow instructions. I like the follow-along workout videos with music.

This is a fun workout and the type of exercises designed to produce results, which is most important. If you’re looking for fat loss or muscle building, or just to improve overall body shape, then this program is a good choice. Anyone who purchases FLO FIT, will be pleased with the good value and quality program it delivers.

FLO FIT Details

The program is available digitally online for purchase. You’ll get instant access to all the document and video content when you order. This includes streaming workouts right to your phone or TV.

Workout Manual

Here’s a summary of the contents inside FLO FIT

A dynamic series of 30-minute High Intensity Resistance Training (HIRT) workouts (starring the one-and-only Flo Rida, world-renowned fitness guru Mike Saffaie, and platinum recording artist Natalie La Rose), combined with a series of powerful 10-minute High Definition Express Workouts allow you to:

– Pre-set workout schedules

– Easy-to-follow nutrition guide

– Customize FLO FIT for your needs with different workout combinations to achieve your personal goal, whether it’s weight loss, toning or building muscle.

Fix issues by identifying specific problem areas of your body (abs, arms, legs) that you want to improve Inside the FLO FIT community, you can swap your perfect workout mixes with your friends for the ultimate in customization and sequences.

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Review Analysis Here I’ll focus on the main pros and cons on FLO FIT to help you make a firm decision for yourself. Although I recommend the product, it’s important for each individual to make their own analysis of the product. Pros

  • The workout method is proven effective – The Perfect Mix of high intensity strength training and interval cardio torches fat and builds long, lean muscle. This type of training has been proven over and over to ignite your fat-burning metabolism for days following your workout.
  • Includes special strategies to maximize results – Focuses on fat loss strategies such as the Afterburn Effect that has been shown to have fat burning effects for up to 72 hours after your workout.
  • It can customized by each user to fit their personal preferences and needs – Users can customize different workout combinations to achieve your personal goal, whether it’s weight loss, toning or building muscle.
  • Credibility – This is a product that has a famous celebrity’s name behind it. So it’s expected to uphold great quality and standards.


  • With FLO FIT you’re going to have to put in the effort and work, but if you commit you will see results that will take your personal fitness to a higher level than you would’ve ever thought possible.

Final Word FLO FIT is a fitness product that is worth looking into if you are looking for a nutrition and exercise program to get in great shape. The program is well organized with a lot of benefits.

None Bulk Foods

Why Bulking Up Is Not Necessary For Building Muscle

Bulking up is the bodybuilding practice of gaining muscle quickly by consuming tons of extra calories. Since the body requires a caloric surplus to build muscle, if you bulk up and lift weights you’ll gain muscle. However, unlike what some people believe, it is not necessary to bulk up to gain muscle mass efficiently. Plus, adding tons of extra calories into your diet ends up making you gain noticeable amounts of fat as well.

The Misconception Of Bulking Up

Some people believe that you can gain more muscle mass quickly if you have extra calories lying around in your body. This is not a good idea. Although the calorie surplus is a key factor for building muscle, you cannot eat your way to quick muscle gains. You see, although nutrition is important, building muscle relies greatly on how effective your training is. And how much body fat you gain is affected by how much extra calories you have in your body.

Some fitness experts even believe gaining muscle is “almost 100% about training and has very little to do with nutrition”. John Barban, a world renowned fitness expert and creator of the Adonis Golden Ratio system stated “Nutrition plays a negligible role in muscle building”.

Rusty Moore, the man behind Visual Impact Muscle Building also has the same stance on building muscle. He once wrote “You use nutrition to lose fat and you use your workout to build muscle. The main thing that nutrition affects is gaining or losing body fat.” Whether you agree with these statements or not, the fact is excess calories in the body that don’t get used them up leads to fat gain and lifting weights is what induces muscle growth.

You Can Quickly Build Muscle Just Once in Your Life Time

The only time in your life that you can build a lot of muscle quickly is when you first begin training. It isn’t unusual for an untrained person to put on a decent amount of muscle in their first 1-2 years of training, but that will be the last of the rapid muscle gains (unless he uses steroids).

The window for even faster gains is when a male is in his late teens and early 20’s, because when a teen enters into his 20’s he typically adds a bit of weight naturally and “fills out”. If a person adds in training along with this time of naturally filling out, then ultra-fast muscle gains can happen, but that will never happen again in that man’s lifetime no matter how much you bulk up.

Build Muscle Without Fat By Avoiding Bulking Up

Avoiding gaining excess fat when building muscle is the best way to get a lean muscular body. This approach helps you stay lean and you won’t find yourself in the frustrating position of trying to lose excess body fat. It’s much easier that way!. Increasing your fat cells on purpose by “bulking up” just makes it harder in the long run for you to maintain a lean and trim physique. Even if you are a bodybuilder.

A person who does bulk up, can get lean again, but it’s very easy for that person to put on excess fat again because those fat cells just never go away. Keeping yourself in a healthy range is not difficult with proper workouts and using strategies to stay lean. Try your best to stay on top of the process. If you are looking for a complete muscle building program that is designed to build muscle without fat check Visual Impact Muscle Building. It’s a top program guys are using to get great results.