Complete Shoulder & Hip Blueprint Review

This is a Complete Shoulder & Hip Blueprint Review, the performance improving program by Tony Gentilcore & Dean Somerset. You’ll get the key information here on this product that would help you make an informed choice.


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About Complete Shoulder & Hip Blueprint

Being renowned professionals in the fitness field, Tony Gentilcore and Dean Somerset created a program for fitness trainers and persons who want to learn how to fix weak, painful or inflexible shoulders and hips. The program is designed to make a big difference in upper body and lower body function, strength, endurance, and resiliency.

The Complete Shoulder & Hip Blueprint is based on cutting-edge information and methods to help users assess, correct, and strengthen the shoulder and hips. And it also teaches the mistakes and bad approaches to training that may prevent results or cause further problems in these areas. The program is targeted towards men and women who want to improve their own performance or trainers who want to learn effective ways to help their clients.

This program is presented as a video series that contains 11 plus hours of informational and tutorial videos, which were recorded in a seminar held by Tony Gentilcore and Dean Somerset. In the videos, you’ll see the best of Tony and Dean’s strategies and methods, who both have numerous years of experience working in the the fitness industry.

Tony Gentilcore, CSCS, is one of the co-founders of Cressey Sports Performance and now coaches in Boston, MA. And Dean Somerset is an Exercise Physiologist who specializes in injury post-rehabilitation, and has worked with professional and Olympic athletes, post-surgical recovery, congenital disorders, and cardiac recovery patients.

Complete Shoulder and Hip Blueprint Review – Is It Worth The Buy

It’s possible to find other programs and free information online aimed at improving shoulder and hip function. However, most of the common information out there are not complete or suggested methods are not very effective. They are usually lacking key details on what you need to undertand and to get good results. The Complete Shoulder & Hip Blueprint system offers a complete solution to fixing the shoulder and hip problems most people experience at its root and in the best way for optimum results.

By following the expert guidance from Tony and Dean in this program you’ll be learning what has been proven to correct and strengthen the two most commonly used joints on the body and all the stuff that goes into training them. Tony Gentilcore and Dean Somerset’s knowledge and expertise in injury and exercise also gives them a rare ability to design a system that is very simple to follow yet much more effective than any common approaches.

So let’s be real, the quality content and detailed information that comes with this product would not be found anywhere for free. And this is one of the main reasons why it’s worth the buy.

What’s Included In The Product

As I mentioned, the Complete Shoulder and Hip Blueprint is a seminar video collection that you’ll watch as Tony and Somerset takes you through all the concepts and actual methods for improving upper body and lower body function.

The viedoe are 11 hours long combined. But you do not have to watch everything at once. You can pause, and then return to the training at your own convenience or go to the specific videos you want to focus on the most. And these videos can be accessed on your computer, laptop, cell phone or tablet, meaning you can perform the learn wherever you are, and at any time of day.

Here’s a sample of some concepts you’ll learn:

  • Learn about how breathing, thoracic motion, and scapular rotation affects shoulder strength and injury risk
  • Learn how to double hip range of motion instantly
  • Add dozens of new movements and coaching cues to your toolbox
  • Learn simple tips and tricks to take your deadlifts and squats to the next level
  • Gain insight into how to become a better trainer

Review Conclusion

The Complete Shoulder & Hip Blueprint is a decent course with plenty of content for the person who wants to assess and understand what corrective strategies and methods work best to improve shoulder and hip function. It’s definitely good value for money as you get loads of videos with all the training and information you need to help yourself and others. And one other main factors that make this product worth buying is it has real experts behind it who are highly qualified in this area.


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The Scap Control Program Review – Eric Wong

This is an unbiased Scap Control review, the new program by Eric Wong. Is this program right for you? Would it help improve how your shoulders feel and function? I provide the important information on the program in this review to help you learn what it is about and how it works.

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scap control cover

What Is It?

This product is a digital exercise program created by strength and conditioning coach Eric Wong, and geared towards individuals who desire to build shoulders that are strong, stable and balanced. The main focus of the Scap Control Program is using the best exercise protocols that actually target the root cause of extremely poor control and strength of the scapula, which is the foundation for the shoulder. And it teaches you the bad approaches some people use that may treat the symtoms of shoulder problems, not the cause, and may even further exacerbate pain and discomfort in your shoulders.

In the program, you’ll get a detailed exercise plan that you could follow through with, and have the information and guidance you need to execute the methods and see improvement in the way your shoulders feel and function. Eric Wong claims that users of the program can expect to feel more stable and gain mobility after 7 days. After that, you’ll make consistent gains in strength and stability as you progress through the 3 levels of Scap Strength workouts.

According to Wong, apart from getting strength, stability, balance and eliminating nagging pain in your shoulder you’ll also see other fitness benefits when you use the program. He said the program will also impact other areas of your fitness that you’ll only realize after you actually experience them.

Eric Wong developed the Scap Control Program from his knowlege as a certified strength and conditioning coach as well as an experienced MMA fighter and trainer. He has been training MMA fighters for many years, and holds a Honors Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology, CSCS.

Who Is The Program Suitable For?

This program is for you if you’ve got chronic, nagging shoulder pain that you’ve never been able to get rid of. There are a lot of athletes and regular people who are continuing to be bothered by nagging, chronic shoulder pain that limits them from making gains or doing the things they want to do.

It’s suitable for those who have limited flexibility and strength with arms overhead. And it’s probably one of the best programs for those with winged scapula or frozen shoulder that hasn’t responded to other treatments.

Review On The Scap Control Program

There are a variety of techniques to choose from to go about trying to fix shoulder issues. But Eric Wong’s methods greatly stand out over the others.

This is the only course in the marketplace that use this technique in a way to help users have a simple yet highly effective system to make a big difference in how your shoulders feel and function. I definitely recommend giving it a try if you are interested in using this approach.

The Program Details

The entire program is accessed digitally. You’ll get instant online access when you order. The Scap Control Program comes with content in PDF eBooks and video tutorials for visual demonstration of the exercises. In addition to the PDFs that outline how to perform each exercise with pictures and exact exercises, reps, sets and rest periods, you also get high quality streaming and downloadable videos where Eric coaches you on how to perform every exercise with perfect technique.

Here Are The List Of materials You Get:

  • Scap Control Master Manual
  • Scap Control Implementation Guide
  • Scap Control Activation Routine
  • Scap Strength Workouts Level I-III

How It Works

The Scap Control program is designed to get all of your scapular stabilizer muscles firing properly and strong. Most typical gym exercises don’t train these muscles and they’re usually weak, even in elite athletes. Most of the exercises in the program require just your bodyweight, but for the some you’ll need the following:

A foam roller or bench to lie over
Looped strength bands and/or resistance bands with handles of various tensions
Small dumbbells (5-10 lbs)
A weighted bar of 10-20 lbs (can use a dowel with weight plate)
Small, firm ball like a lacrosse ball, cricket ball or baseball
I’ve got links to all of this equipment inside the program in case you want my recommendations.

The heart of the program is the Scap Strength workouts and they take about 25 minutes including warmup. You’ll do them 3 or 4 days per week, depending on your schedule. There are 3 levels of Scap Strength workouts, with 2 different workouts in each level. Everything is laid out in an easy-to-follow format and will be totally clear once you read through the Implementation Guide.


On the whole, the program is highly recommended if you are someone who wants to optimize the strength and function of your shoulders. It is not merely some other common exercise method for fixing shoulder issues. The Scap Control Program is a unique system that comes with well researched methods that are much more effective for individuals who are serious about getting results when it comes to shoulder optimization.


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Forward Head Posture Fix Review – Mike Westerdal’s Program

This is a Review of Forward Head Posture Fix, the health and fitness program by Mike Westerdal and Rick Kaselj. Forward Head Posture is a very common condition that affects a lot of people. Is this system good enough to help people who are affected and looking for a solution? Read the review to get the answers.

forward head posture fix system

What Is It?

Forward Head Posture Fix, by Mike Westerdal and Rick Kaselj, is an exercise program that anyone can use to fix forward head posture also known as texting neck. This is a posture problem that is caused by several factors including extended use of computers and cellphones, sleeping in certain positions that elevate the head too high and and lack of developed back muscle strength. Apart from being unsightly, fix forward head posture (FHP) is also unhealthy and impairs athletic performance. Possible negative effects include pain, discomfort, decreased range of motion, constant fatigue, headaches and poor sleep.

The program is enriched with the sequential flow method which is simpler to perform and more effective for improving your posture and eradicating FHP. Unlike other posture programs which focus on stretching exercises, Rick’s program is unique in focusing closely on the “sequential flow” of 10 exercises that works to strengthen the neck muscles. In other words, it isn’t necessarily about what exercises and stretches are performed, more about completing them in the right sequence in order to open up and “unravel” the neck so you can begin to fix Forward Head Posture and restore balance to the body.

This program is suitable for anyone who suffers from Forward Head Posture regardless of the stage it’s at. And it’s important to note that research shows that 90% of people suffer from this issue. People who use the program could start seeing instant results in terms of restoring balance to your posture, making you physically stronger, mentally sharper and achieve peak performance. The program has been designed to be used at least three times a week and each exercise session lasts just 15 minutes. It is presented through videos and written program guides that come with both a digital and physical delivery options.

About The Persons Behind The Program

Mike Westerdal is the founder and president of – a popular fitness website. Mike is a sports nutrition specialist, personal trainer and a best-selling fitness author. He is also a contributing writer for various iron magazines including Iron Man magazine, Monster Muscle and REPS!. In addition his articles are published throughout the Internet.

Rick Kaselj is an Injury Specialist, Kinesiologist, holds a masters degree in exercise science and has over 16-years of hands on experience in his field of work. Rick is highly respected in the fitness community. He teaches other fitness professionals cutting edge injury prevention and recovery methods to help their own clients.

Do You Need To Buy This Program To Fix Your Forward Head Posture?

I’ve found a lot of free articles, tips on forums and short videos online providing info for helping people tackle the problem of Forward Head Posture. I’ve even seen comments from people who reported getting results from using the free exercise information they found online. So I think that there are other ways or other sources of information that can help you get some relief from this issue apart from Mike and Rick’s program. However, unlike most of the common information, the Forward Head Posture Fix system offers a complete solution to fixing the problem at its root. And this is one of the main reasons why it’s worth the buy.

As Mike stated, many of the commonly suggested stretches will give temporary relief from any neck, shoulder or back pain, but they are not sufficient to get to the very root of the problem and give you a long term solution. By following the expert guidance from Rick Kaselj in the program you’ll be taking a path that has been proven to permanently get rid of texting neck and eliminate all the health issues and fitness setbacks you experience because of it for good.

Rick’s knowledge and expertise in injury and exercise also gives him a rare ability to design an exercise system for fixing FHP that is very simple to follow and much more effective than common approaches. And let’s be real, the quality content that includes videos, written info and detailed explanations that comes with this product would not be found anywhere for free.

The Program Details

Forward Head Posture Fix is a one time payment and lifetime owned product. It has 2 delivery options. First is the Online access download option: With this option you get instant access to the digital copy of the eBooks and videos as soosn as you purchase, and it’s available for downloading. The second delivery option is the physical book and DVD shipped to you plus an instant digital download copy: You get a physically copy mailed to your home plus an instant digital download version as a bonus.

The Program Structure

Understanding the cause and the nature of the problem is a starting point for dealing with Forward Head Posture. That’s why Rick goes into a lot about the how and why inside the program so that you get a good understanding of FHP.

Exercise Routine And Program Length

  • You’ll be performing a range of 10 exercises.
  • The program has been designed to be used at least three times a week for up to six weeks for maximum effect.
  • Each exercise session takes approximately 15 minutes to complete.
  • You will be able to experience results from the very first time you go through the “sequential flow”. However, for maximum effect prepare to follow the program up to six weeks.
  • You can go beyond the six weeks and incorporate the exercises into your normal program.
  • All the exercises are designed to be carried out and completed without any special equipment.
  • You can do the exercises standing, sitting or on the floor.
  • Exercise swaps are provided for any movements that are either too hard or too easy for you.

Possible Unsuitability

Most people will be able to do many of the exercises in the sequential flow. However, it is impossible to know your individual situation on what you can do or what you should not do. Thus, if you have problems with your back or neck, it’s recommended that you consult your physician to see if there are any movements you need to modify or not perform in the Forward Head Posture Fix program.


The bottom line is, if you are serious about getting rid of Forward Head Posture permanently and you don’t want to waste time and suffer the inconvenience of looking for free information that may not work, you should buy the Forward Head Posture Fix system. This professionally designed program is the best I’ve seen so far for dealing with this serious issue that affects so many of us.

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