Bar Brothers

Who Are The Bar Brothers?

Bar Brothers is a worldwide fitness movement that focuses on calisthenics training and has members from different countries all over the world. The founders of Bar Brothers are Lazar Novovic and Dusan Djolevic. The two are known for their impressive ability to perform advanced calisthenics exercises. And they are also known for their well ripped physiques that they claimed to achieve through calisthenics training only. Lazar and Dusan are the creators of the popular calisthenics training program, Bar Brothers – The System. This program was designed to help anyone lose fat and build muscle with bodyweight training while getting motivation to reach all your goals in life.


Lazar Novovic said he got introduced to calisthenics in Serbia by Ivan Markioli. After that, he left Serbia to move to the United States. However, he did not train because he wasn’t that motivated. When he met Dusan Djolevic, he introduced him to calisthenics. And it wasn’t too long after that they started team Bar Brothers, and it grew as a worldwide movement really fast.

Bar Brothers Lazar Novovic and Dusan Djolevic
Bar Brothers founders – Lazar Novovic and Dusan Djolevic

Bar Brothers Workout

According to the Bar Brothers founders, their training is based on constantly making their workouts more challenging, which is the key to getting results from bodyweight training.

They said in an interview: “Our type of training pushes your body to new levels. Therefore your mind is challenged and forces you to focus in on your regiment even more. The level of focus needed to perform some of these moves is ridiculous. It takes weeks of training and dedication. This builds the blocks to your fundamentals that can be carried on to any aspects in your life”.

Bar Brothers Workout

“We train 3-5 days depending on how much energy we have. When we workout we push ourselves until failure each time. That way we are always challenging ourselves and becoming stronger week by week. Some days we rep out to the max and some days we practice fun freestyle moves”.

Bar Brothers Movement

The movement is a worldwide network of calisthenics groups representing Bar Brothers in different countries. The Bar brothers movement comprises of male and female calisthenics enthusiasts pushing each other day by day to be the best that they can be. “It has grown worldwide and it is growing exponentially which we are very proud of”. Said Lazar Novovic.

Bar Brothers Movement

A large number of countries in the world have Bar Brothers representative groups, and that number is countinuing to grow. Countries include US, UK, Canada, Australia, Spain, France, India, Japan, China etc. In some of these countries you’ll find also different Bar Brothers groups representing specific states, cities and towns. So the movement is very big.

Bar Brothers Requirements

Anyone who is interested in starting a group to represent Bar Brothers in their country must show their dedication by completing the the Bar Brother’s Requirements. According to the founders “It is a test we designed where it’s a constant flow of the fundamental calisthenics exercises that need to be performed in a certain time range. But for the most part they were made to show that the person is at a certain advanced level of training when they complete them”.

Bar Brothers Requirements

Here are the Bar Brothers Requirements taken from their website:

For men: “7 Muscle Ups, 25 Push-ups, 10 Wide Grip Pull-ups, 25 Dips(On parallel bars), 10 Full Leg Lifts, 20 Pistol Squats (10 Each Leg), 7 Muscle Ups.”

Bar women: “1 Muscle Up, 10 Push-ups, 10 Pull-ups, 10 dips, 10 Full Leg Lifts, 50 Squats.” (This all has to be done in less than 4min and performed with clean form. Also, once you start an exercise it has to be done in a row, meaning you cannot rest in-between reps, only in-between sets.)

Persons are required to record themself completing the workout, then upload it on Youtube where Lazar Novovic and Dusan Djolevic watch and review. The will then send you a response that you can represent Bar Brothers or that you need to improve your requirement video.

The System

The Bar Brothers system was recently created by Lazar Novovic and Dusan Djolevic. It is their official program for helping anyone, whether it’s members of the movement or none members, get fit and motivated with calisthenics. It is a “A step by step calisthenics program that will transform your mind and body”. The program is geared towards anybody who wants to use calisthenic workouts to get in good shape both mentally and physically. It contains workout guides, nutrition guides, motivation tips and hundreds of tutorial videos to teach and guide you.


Bar Brothers official website / bar-brothers-interview

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Review Of John Barban

John Barban

John Barban is a fitness trainer, author, consultant and researcher. He runs the website and created the popular muscle building program for men called Adonis Golden Ratio (AGR) and the fat loss program for women Venus Factor. John holds a number of certifications and he has been working in the fitness industry for over 10 years. He has coached regular clients, sports teams and other professionals in the industry.


John Barban holds a bachelor and masters degree in human biology and nutrition from the University of Guelph. He went on to do more graduate work at the University of Florida where he also taught exercise physiology.

Besides possessing top level academic credentials and developing some of the best sports supplements in the industry, John has also held a bunch of certification including the:

  • National Strength & Conditioning Association CSCS – Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist
  • American Council on Exercise Personal Trainer designation
  • Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology – Certified Fitness Consultant
  • Ontario Kinesiology Association – Certified Kinesiologist

According to John Barban’s professional bio he doesn’t rely only on his certifications, he has practical experience because he has applied all of the information he knew to his own body.

Work Experience

Over the past 10 years John has worked for some of the largest sport supplement companies, researching and developing fat loss and muscle building products. He is still a consultant for top sport supplement companies. Some of the brands he has worked with and/or created include MuscleTech, NxLabs, Slimquick, ADS, BlueStar Nutraceuticals and Empowered Nutrition Products.

John Barban Body

John has spent 3 years as a varsity strength and conditioning coach (ice hockey) at the University of Guelph. He also trained with a world class power lifting team, which he maintains close contact with, and continues to discuss training experiences and theories with them.

He also keeps close ties with colleagues in the biomechanics field. He said this is how he stays up to date on the latest research in biomechanics and human movement science in general.

John has helped thousands of men and women through his fitness programs that are based on the well researched methods and the lastest science. He continues researching solutions to weight loss, muscle building and longevity.

John Barban’s Body Transformation

John Barban Body Transformation

John started working out in high school as a skinny kid who wanted to build muscle just like the other guys. However, because he never really understood at the time what it meant to truly be in great shape, John got caught up with the idea of “bulking” up.

After spending decades using the “bulk up” approach to getting in shape and not getting the body he wanted, John decided to start at square one and forget everything he had ever read about getting ripped and muscular. He shifted his focus to human anatomy, genetics, psychology and attraction research in order to discover what male build has been proven to create the most admiration, respect and physical attraction.

With his new mindset and hours of research John discovered what is now known as The Adonis Golden Ratio (AGR). The Adonis Golden Ratio represents the perfect proportion many studies prove women are genetically and evolutionary hard wired to seek out and be attracted to and men respect because it displays the highest degree of genetic fitness.

John Barban Adonis Golden Ratio

And from there, John developed the revolutionary one of kind Adonis Golden Ratio 12 week System. It’s the program John used to complete his transformation you see here.

Customer Reviews

Thousands of men and women have bought and used John Barban’s online programs. We’ve looked everywhere online were customers of John’s products gave feedback and reviews about their experience, and the majority were positive. Out of the hundreds of comments we saw, no one belived that they were scammed or John Barban is a fraud. Most of the customers made favourable statements about their results. And we also saw many users who achieved dramatic body transformations.

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