AGR Body Review

AGR Body

Is John Barban’s AGR Body system a good weight loss and muscle building program for you? This review focuses on the most important information on the product to help you make an informed choice.

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What Is AGR?

AGR, which is short for Adonis Golden Ratio, was developed by fitness expert John Barban. It is a fitness program for men that shows you how to lose weight, build muscle and end up with a perfect male physique.

This fitness blueprint provides advance nutrition and workout plans designed for you to follow to get a ripped muscular body. The program comes with special, exclusive techniques to lose fat fast and build muscle in a special way to enhance your male body shape for a perfect-looking body.

John Barban Body Transformation

The author, John Barban, engineered the AGR system from his knowledge as a world-renowned fitness professional and personal experience as someone who was once out of shape. He studied and worked hard to uncover methods that work well for fat loss and aesthetic muscle building for men.

Is It Worth The Investment?

You may have seen numerous programs promising different ways to lose weight and/or build muscle. But the AGR Body’s unique approach stands out in a big way for helping men get in shape.

This is one of the only programs on the market that utilize such methods to help men, not just lose fat and build muscle, but get their most attractive physique. I recommend giving it a try if you are interested in using this approach for getting your best lean, muscular shape.

The AGR Body Program’s Details

There are different PDF manuals available with hundreds of pages to get you up and running. The program also comes with video tutorials and visual instructions to make sure you understand the content and what to do.

System Image

The content is detailed enough for the most basic of users to understand and use. It also includes access to a membership site that contains tools, resources, and success stories so you can take your results to the next level.

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  • The program can be used by both beginners and more advanced lifters.
  • Has a deep focus on aesthetic muscle building to create the perfect physique.
  • It is designed for the male body and personalized for your exact body.
  • John Barban, the person behind the AGR Body System is a qualified fitness expert who has a good track record for helping people in this area.
  • There are many positive customer reviews for this product.


The program is not ideal for bodybuilders who want to gain maximum muscle size. It is more geared towards a lean aesthetic physique.


John Barban’s AGR system is one of the few programs that are designed to maximize the attractiveness of your physique while boosting muscle growth and shredding body fat. The great thing about the program is how it is specifically designed for the male body.

It is not a generalized program that was just thrown together quickly. This program took extensive research, and years of testing and tweaking to develop. Also, the AGR has been and continues to be a giant in the fitness market, gathering loads of positive customer reviews from users all over the world.

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