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This website is your online source for tips and product reviews related to muscle building.

If you are new to the site, we recommend doing one or more of the following to get started:

Best Muscle Building Tips For Beginners

If you are just getting into building muscle, here are our best tips for you:

  • There is no magic or miracles to building muscle. It takes the combination of nutrition, training and recovery to build muscle.
  • Muscle building results are specific to each individual. So prepare to face trial and error, before you get what works best for you.
  • Don’t stress too much at first about diet. I recommend developing the exercise habit first, then dial in your diet.
  • If you don’t have access to weight training equipment, it’s great to start off with some body weight exercises.
  • Learn the basic muscle building exercises beginners must start working out with. Then slowly ease into the advanced workouts.
  • Keep in mind that nutrition requirements like calories and protein are estimates, and there are tons of factors that influence the actual amount you need. So, use a starting point for experimentation and adjust course as necessary.

Best Muscle Building Tips To Gain More Mass

If you are already working out, but not getting enough muscle gains, here are our best tips for you:

  • The upper chest is one of the most challenging muscles to grow and develop. If you are struggling with developing your upper chest, this program addresses this issue.
  • Stabilization when lifting affects impact on the muscle. You have to learn how to lock yourself down, and ensure you remain stable throughout each and every exercise
  • You have to learn how to train at the extremity of every single exercise. Your greatest opportunity to grow muscle, is training where you have rarely been.
  • Exercise selection is important. For each body shape, rip cage angle, and experience level you need to choose exercises correctly.
  • Learn the best exercises, the correct order, the correct reps, sets and tempos for every level.
  • Learn how to perform exercises correctly, most people do them completely wrong.
  • Learn what intensity you need to train at in order to generate peak results.
  • When it comes to training any muscle for growth, your goal should be to recruit as many muscle fibers as possible.
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